Warm-up Techniques to Improve Your Run Performance

running injuries are commonly caused by

muscle inflammation and muscle

contraction. This is why a good warm-up

is so important to preparing your body

before a run. Learning how to do proper

pre-run stretches is strongly advised as it

can help prevent injuries as

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Back, Shoulder, and Neck Pain should never be ignored. Don’t wait until the pain becomes chronic.

Back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain

are quite common symptoms. However,

these are the symptoms which can

significantly interfere with our daily lives.

It is also important to understand that

back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain

are not diseases.

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Keys to Prepare for your First Marathon as a Professional Runner

Someone once said, “If you want to know about the meaning of life, you should try a marathon”. Marathon running has become one of the dreams people in this generation are craving for, and an inspiration to living a purposeful life. Having said that, running a full marathon of 42.195 km is not all roses.

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A True Story of 4-Month Running for Weight Loss 

Many people have effectively and successfully lost their weight from 4-month running plans. And for those who like running at a park or a running track, you would notice that at the beginning of each year most parks and running tracks would be crowded with a lot of runners. By asking around some friends and some friendly runners to find out the reason

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