To create world class healthcare products for better everyday life and achievement.

Brand Positioning

Namman Muay ,  The Authentic Thai Healthcare Brand which provides a unique long heritage formulation ,  blended with the innovative pharmaceutical technology in order to present the best products which would be beside all people to help protect and relieve them from pain,  no matter their lifestyles would be.


To provide a quality healthcare products to prevent and relieve pain from everyday lifestyle activities to extremely sport activities that consumers would first select for themselves, their family and their love ones.

Positioning Statement

When people spend their everyday life and all activities, they cannot avoid muscle aches and pains, Here is Namman Muay which always beside them to give them the products which can relieve such pain effectively. The unique long heritage formulation blended with the innovative technology can prove that Namman Muay is effectively prevent and relieve those pain and giving all people the power to achieve their goals and better quality life, for themselves and their love ones,

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