Devakam Apothecary Hall Co., Ltd, the manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, was established in 1930 with the head office located in Bangplee, Samut Prakarn. The first manufacturing site was located at Phetchaburi Road, Bangkok and was moved to Bangpakong, Chachoengsao to expand and improve the factory.

A first analgesic product is a BOXING LINIMENT, a medicated oil for external used, and later known as NAMMAN MUAY. And in 1988, the second product “NAMMAN MUAY CREAM” was launched to increase the range of product format coverage.

Devakam manufacturing site is located in Bangpakong, Chachoengsao. There are nine buildings located at the site covering 3,990 square meters. Two of these building are dedicated to the manufacturing and quality control activities under the scope of GMP certificate. Other buildings are plant affairs office, warehouse of raw materials, warehouse of packaging materials and a storage area of finished products.

In 2014, the new manufacturing plant was constructed with improvement of the facilities and utilities to fully comply with the GMP PIC/S (Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation Scheme) requirements.

We pay close attention to every process including research, procurement, manufacturing, quality control, packaging, and logistics to ensure that high quality medical products are delivered to the consumers.

The Heating ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) System was designed and installed in our facility to prevent contamination and cross-contamination according to GMP PIC/S requirement.

We closely control and monitor of the production, storage and distribution of water to meet the pharmacopoeia specification for purified water monograph and also to comply with GMP PIC/S requirement. 316L stainless steel is used in the PW system and PW loop to satisfy the objectives of Compatibility and Suitability, Prevention of leaching and Corrosive resistance

Premise and Equipment
The production areas were designed to ensure maximum protection against the entry of insects and other animals. The facility and equipment undergo scheduled repair and maintenance and are routinely inspected to ensure that high standards are kept.

Quality Control
Our Quality control division are staffed by experienced, and qualified personnel. They carried out physical, chemical and microbiological testing. Advanced laboratory equipment are including HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography), GC (Gas Chromatography), FT-IR (Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) equipment

The on-going stability program is also performing under quality control division in order to monitor the product over its shelf life and to ensure that the product remain within specification under the labelled storage condition.

Our warehouse has a sufficient capacity to allow the orderly storage of the various categories of materials and products, such as the raw material, packaging materials and finish goods. They also are separate areas to store products in quarantine, released, rejected, returned or recalled products.

The warehouse is clean, dry and temperature controlled to ensure that the raw materials and Finished goods are stored in the right storage conditions.

In the rear part of the building is a clarifier that store water from the wastewater treatment system. The cleanness of the water meets the water quality standards according to the announcement of the Ministry of Industry: Prescribing control standards Drainage from the factory. The water in this reservoir will be circulated back to reuse such as watering around the plant and not released to the external environment.

Devakam Factory is certified with “Green Industry Award” from development of production processes that are environmentally conscious and caring for society. We are still striving to develop the higher standard of the factory to be ready to produce and export internationally.

Factory goal

Is to manufacture the products with high level of safety, quality or efficacy and to comply with the requirement of GMP PIC/S Standard.s